Gorbunov Ivan Anatolevich, Saint Petersburg

Candidate of psychological Sciences.

Head of laboratory of psychophysiology, senior researcher of the Department of medical psychology and psychophysiology, faculty of psychology of St. Petersburg state University. Head of the Department of physiological research in the field of lie detection , Institute of practical psychology "Imaton", scientific adviser, head of the program of additional professional education ippy "Instrumental lie detection. Training of polygraph examiners".

Member of Russian psychological society.

Graduated from the faculty of psychology, Leningrad state University named. A. A. Zhdanov.

In 2005 he defended his thesis on "the Diagnostic capabilities of psychophysiological characteristics of the person".

The leading Russian specialist in the field of physiological science of the foundations of the origin of human psychical phenomena, diagnosis of mental phenomena with the use of psychophysiological methods, advanced algorithms analysis and interpretation of physiological data, mathematical modeling of physiological processes as well as methods for the assessment of mental functions and States in physiological parameters.

Research interests:

  • Physiological methods diagnostics of psychic phenomena,
  • Matematicheskie methods in psychology,
  • Neural network mathematical models,
  • Psychophysiological mechanisms of emotional regulation.


  • Psychophysiology,
  • Psychopathology,
  • Diagnostic methods development in norm and pathology
  • Workshop on psychosomatics,
  • The scientific basis of the Genesis.

Key publications:

  • Gorbunov I. Semenov P. Brain centers model and its applications to EEG Analysis// International conference on neural computation. Portugal, Funchal-Madeira, 2009
  • Zadarinsky O. V., A. D. Nasledov, I. A. Gorbunov, the Use of psycho-semantic differential to study the communication of younger schoolchildren// Vestnik of RGNF №1, Moscow, 2006
  • Gorbunov I. A., Vishnevetskaya E. V. Use of neural network modeling for diagnosis of the structure of emotional competence of the child factors, including physiological parameters. Chelyabinsk. 2009
  • Gorbunov I. A., candidate of PS.N., Mekler, A. A., Ph. D., Markin P. s reflected in the EEG, subjective and objective, the specifics of the course of emotional processes// Materials of the conference 125 years of the Moscow psychological society. - M., 2010.
  • Gorbunov I. A., A. A. Mekler the criterion of autoinformation to study the physiological mechanisms of emotions in the psycho-physical experiment// Proceedings of the conference on cognitive science. Tomsk, 2010.

Articles and interviews in "Psychological newspaper"

Participation in the contest "Golden Psyche"