The company "Svetofor", a resident of the it cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, held a successful debut placement of bonds on the Moscow Exchange. The company attracted investors 50 mln. at the rate of 18% per annum. Lead Manager became the investment company "Septem Kapital". This is the first case of SKOLKOVO resident on public capital markets. The involved means "Svetofor Grupp" plans to invest in refining innovative IT platform of distance learning, which has no analogues neither in Russian, nor in foreign markets autoopravna.


"Svetofor Grupp" brings together 55 of the driving schools and training centres under the brand of "Svetofor" in St.-Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Moscow, Podolsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and Chelyabinsk, through which commercialize the results of the research activities In 2019, the company plans to increase the number of classrooms to 100.

In 2015, the company "Svetofor Grupp" was the first Russian driving schools have launched an innovative distance learning platform drivers. The uniqueness of the technology is that in the learning process, the system evaluates many of the behavioral characteristics of the student: concentration, frequency cues, and variations in the choice of answers. Thus, the program identifies individual behavioral characteristics, such as risk tolerance and automatically selects for the student the most optimal for learning trajectory. The analytical system is based on neural networks using mathematical algorithms, developed together with the specialists of the Department of medical psychology and psychophysiology of St. Petersburg state University.

Artem Dagaev, owner and General Director of AO "Svetofor Grupp": "Today one of the most active consumers in the market is the millennial generation – people born between the mid 90s to 2000-ies. This is a digital generation that is actively interested in science and technology. For them are characteristic different system of consumption: they are used to obtain all services through a smartphone. We to these challenges is ready. In the development of our platform has already invested more than 100 million rubles. the Next stage is a complete revision and product launch of a mobile app. It will give the opportunity to comfortably carry the listener through the entire learning process, to remotely monitor the results of practical classes and examinations. Now does not do this, no driving school in Russia."

Still "Svetofor Grupp" entirely funded the development of the project at the expense of own profit. The yield on the bond market will allow the resident of "SKOLKOVO" to the status of a public company whose bonds are traded on the Moscow Exchange – the largest stock exchange in Russia and Eastern Europe.

About 40 million rubles of borrowed funds, the company plans to direct development in the field of IT and RUB 10 million in commercialization and marketing. The development of the branch network will be financed by provided for this purpose own funds.

The bonds are the first step on the public market for the company. In the coming year the "Svetofor Grupp" plans to enter the IPO (in the IIM sector of the market of investments and innovations of Moscow Exchange): an assessment of the company and to offer investors up to 25% of the shares in the public offering.


Ekaterina Ryzhkova, head of division "Obrazovaniye" of the information technologies Cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation:"Educational technology, personalized learning that takes into account individual psychophysiological characteristics of students in the learning process, is one of the most promising trends in the market of educational services. The company's entry into the public capital markets and a high rating from investors in the course of placement of bonds confirm the correctness of the chosen strategy and open the company's new development opportunities, including areas of implementation of B2Bstrategy and international expansion".



Reference information

AP "Svetofor Grupp" is the largest operator of educational services for the training of drivers and has resident status of "SKOLKOVO" Foundation for advanced Crazybitch in the field of distance learning. The company provides services in training drivers of vehicles of all categories in Russia under the brand of "Traffic light" using the developed educational IT platform. The brand "Stoplight" on the market of educational services since 1989. The company trained approximately 9,000 people per year (category b). C 2014 the "Svetofor Grupp" focuses on the increase in online sales of distance learning programs like B2C consumers and B2B clients on the platform. By 2020, the proportion of students to reach 70%.

The SKOLKOVO Foundation is a non – profit organization established at the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010. The aim of the Fund is the creation of an ecosystem favourable for entrepreneurship and research in the areas of: energy efficiency and saving, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software. The Fund entrusted with the management of Innovation center "SKOLKOVO", the activity of which is regulated by a special law granting special economic conditions for start-UPS, specially external technological expertise (now more than 1800). In 2017, the revenue of the companies-participants "SKOLKOVO" amounted to 79 billion rubles, the total revenue over the 8 years of the project amounted to 250 billion rubles. In startups there are more than 30 thousand people, including more than 5 thousand on the territory of "SKOLKOVO". More than 1,300 patented designs and technological solutions. An important part of the ecosystem "SKOLKOVO" is a research University, the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology (Skoltech) established and operating with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The infrastructure construction of IC "SKOLKOVO" at the expense of the Federal budget completed (built Technopark, University, School, road and engineering infrastructure). Commissioned 500 thousand square meters In the next 3 years this figure will double.