The Market

The ideal time for the emergence of a strong and modern leader with $1+billion market, is able to give a better alternative to the huge number of noname traditional schools and to meet the growing demand of the corporate sector

Key features of the market

Annual Russian demand for driver training is 2-2,5 million.

On average, the market, schools represent the 1-2 classroom

The average cost of a training course in the market is 25-30 thousand ₽ / student

Reforms have on the driving school a lot of pressure in the form of new requirements for training in driving schools.

The market is strongly diversified, in the public plane is not aware of any major private player

Market students
(end users)

The market of driving schools.

Market for learners
(end users)

The next country
60 bln. R/year
(2,5 mln. people/year)
6 bln. R/year
(7 thousand school)
1 bln. R/year
(0,45 mln. people/year)
Итого ≈70+ млрд. Р в год
13 bln. R/year
(0,5 млн. people/year)
1,7 bln. R/year
(1 thousand schools)
0,3 bln. R/year
(40 thousand people/year)

Key drivers of market growth

In Russia, the extremely low number of cars per 1000 persons of the population.
>2 growth potential of the indicators and 50% increase of the adult population will stimulate the growth of the market fundamentals in the medium term

Russia is the #6 country in the world and #2 in Europe by fleet size ...

... this leaves a huge potential growth market

50% potential growth in the number of students due to the increase of the population over the age of 18 (tolerance to driving)

World TOP 10 countries by number of cars on the road
Park of cars per 1000 inhabitants in the country
Dynamics of birth rate

Competition online

The market of remote training of drivers in its infancy, is not aware of any big private player. As the main competitors have been selected companies that provide the theoretical part of the training remotely-based platforms for learning.

Companies: logo-1 logo-3 logo-4 logo-5
description of the company: Online driving school, provides access to theoretical and practical training at the driving school partners. Sells contracts to partners Online driving school, provides access to the theoretical part and practical training at the driving school partners Online driving school, provides access to the theoretical part and practical training at the driving school partners
Positioning B2C + B2B (in-house training + access to the platform partners) B2B (only through partners) B2B (only through partners) B2B (only through partners)
The company's revenue in 2016: 220 mln R 12,7*mln R 9,9*mln R 9,7*mln R
Accessibility platform (www & mobile): www & mobile (In development) www www www
Adaptability of the platform: High Average Low Low
Content platform: Full Limited Limited Insufficient
Geography Saint-Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Moscow, Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, Chelyabinsk Moscow 30 cities in Russia Moscow

Success stories in the world

Relevance and potential of niche market the driving education confirmed successful regional stories as in a traditional offline business and online direction

Trend offset driver training from offline to online

History 1. Traditional offline training.
History of organic and M&A growth
  • Revenue: $200 million (2015)
  • Capitalization: $2 billion
  • Number of students: 150 thousand/year
Founded in 2005
  • 2011-2015. The company has grown an average of 40% per year (with revenue of $70+million to $200 million.)
  • In January 2016 IPO (the company raised $120 million)
  • After raising funds, the Company started active expansion through M&A transactions:

    Network of driving schools in Jiangxi (Jun. 2016, $45mln.)
    Network of driving schools in the area Yunnan (APR. 2016)
    Network of driving schools in some parts of China (Dec.2016, $27mn.)
  • To date, the largest in the world
Story 2. Online + traditional training.
The history of M&A and expansion into other services
  • Revenue: not disclosed
  • Capitalization: not disclosed
  • Number of customers: 10 million (for all time)
Founded in 2005
  • Founded as an online alternative to traditional courses, driving
  • Active the company's growth can be linked with the receipt of investment by CIP Capital in 2012
  • In 2015, a merger of I Drive Safely and A new company called brands eDriving – the us market leader in online driving instruction

    "Horizontal" growth through the acquisition of two companies in related segments (system of safety management of the vehicle fleet and telematics measurement):
  • –Mentor eData – telematic dimension (March 2016)
    –Interactive Driving Systems - safety management system the car Park (March 2016)
Story 3. Online resource.
History of organic growth
  • Revenue: not disclosed
  • Capitalization: not disclosed
  • Number of students: 50 thousand/year
Founded in 2005
  • Founded in 2013
  • Implement the concept of a marketplace of learning to drive with providing access to educational content
  • Classic venture history of the development by raising rounds of funding:
  • 3 round raised $7.3 million
  • At the moment, is the largest education company in the UK:
    -10% of students who use the platform
    -3000+ qualified and validated instructors
    -50+ thousand students annually