Company Svetofor in 5 years – a vision for the product

Transformation product of Educational platforms in the Marketplace for training centres and trainees will expand the list of services and products to other stages of life of the user (for example aggregation karteninhaber services, lead generation for auto dealers and insurers, and others), thereby increasing LTV per user.

Steps for transformation of the product into the Marketplace

Connect B2B market participants
Verification of accreditation of the training center, instructor, learning process
the Implementation of functional selection of training programs, training center and driving instructor for selected parameters
Implementation of a transparent and "honest" transaction structure for the participants of the marketplace
  • The Revenue (in million RUB)
10% market

Company Svetofor in 5 years – the growth points

The company aims to occupy a strong leading position in the market of training and education of drivers through a combination of (1) aggressive driving connection to an online platform, (2) organic growth of branches and (3) M&A transactions. For the implementation of scalable development strategy will require up to 325 million

B2B connection Organic growth M&A growth
Scenario description: Aggressive growth Strategy penetration of the platform into other training centers with the help of the sales Department with the fee for (1) a signed contract of the student and (2) access platform, student The Strategy of opening their own training centers in the less competitive regions, by landing the design team, the search spaces for rent, and the launch of the centre's work. The Strategy of buying a company in the Moscow region to reach the region and the formation of a market leader.
Scenario description:
50,8million R
(Cost of sales, travel for a year + marketing)
64,2million R
(1.0 million /learning center X 9 x + marketing)
190,8million R
(Value-target + marketing)
The speed of running the script: The Script is limited only by the willingness of the sales team, understanding the value proposition for Central Asia, understanding of the channels to attract the target audience and their capacity. The slow growth scenario due to the need of the formation of project teams, finding space, getting equipment, finding a management team, etc. This script requires the greatest amount of effort and training to get results. Laying on average 12-18 months for the completion of the transactions.
Status ready to run the script: There is the initial sales team, elaborated the basic document legal basis for connecting training centers. aggressive opening training centers need to form a project team-a landing, which can independently open training centres on a large scale and quickly Held talks with a number of Moscow companies, found companies willing to deal
The result in the user (training centers B2B/ B2C per year)
Result in revenue: (millions)
83,5 million R
208,8 million R
380,4 million R
The result in EBITDA/B2C user:

Development strategy

M&A deals targetirovanie for the purchase of network competition in Moscow and the Moscow region. The transaction will create an unattainable market leader, shaping the learning standards and to become a benchmark training center for other market participants. In parallel, it is planned to start B2B sales connections to the platform in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region and Moscow and Moscow region


Map of the Federal presence

  • Its own Network of training centers "Svetofor" (incl. indoor Playground)
  • Driving schools connected to online platform