About Company

OOO "PDD.TV" was created in 2010 and transformed into JSC "Svetofor Grupp" 2017. The history of the brand "Svetofor" starts in 1989, when it was created the first Soviet KOOPERATIV Svetofor for the training of drivers of category "B".


Today JSC "Svetofor Grupp" (hereinafter – the Issuer) is the largest operator educational services for training drivers included in the sector "Rosta" Exchanges MICEX and has the status of a resident The SKOLKOVO Foundation for advanced development in the field of distance learning. The special status of a company resident Fund SKOLKOVO, gives the company significant tax benefits: the tax rate on profit, VAT and property taxes is 0% until 2025.

JSC "Svetofor Grupp" comprises 67 training center Saint-Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and other the subjects of the Russian Federation. (the website of the service company www.svetofor.ru.
In the present the moment the company employs 97 people, 10 full-time employees and 87 people within article 15 (Network form of realization of educational programs) of the Federal law №273 of the Law on Education).
The Issuer's Charter and audited financial statements over the past 4 years are posted on the portal Center corporate disclosure Interfax ("Interfax-CRCI") at:
Page of the Issuer on the website of the MICEX:
The Issuer has consistently high cash flow which provides high quality educational services, wide network classrooms and stable demand for these services.
To win and retain market leadership educational services for drivers The Issuer since 2014 actively developing innovative IT-platform. Start distance learning was carried out in 2015. Now in the development of this platform and related logistical infrastructure invested more than 100 mln RUB Carrying the value of intangible assets is 75,129 million.
Main information on the Issuer:
• Full brand name: Joint society "Svetofor Grupp"
• Contracted brand name: JSC "Svetofor Grupp"
• INN: 7814693830
• Bin: 1177847196141
• Legal address: Russian Federation 197348, Saint Petersburg, street of General hruleva, d. 13, POM. 1H
• Place location: Russian Federation 197348, Saint-Petersburg, street of General Khruleva, d. 13, POM. 1H
• Date state registration: 05.06.2017 G.
• Predecessor: The limited liability company "PDD.TV" (Registered in 2010., 7813481705 INN, OGRN 1107847305301). JSC "Svetofor Grupp" is created by reorganization in the form of transformation.

the Company is engaged in a quality driver training using the latest technologies on Russian territory.

the Company is actively developing distance learning technologies in the sphere of theoretical training of drivers.

The company successfully scales its business model.

Markets / Consumers

В2В2С Driving Schools
B2B/B2G Companies with a large fleet of vehicles


Search, entry and payment of the nearest driving school
distance learning (as to the customers own network,the same connection of other driving schools)
Classical learning theory in the classroom
Search, communication and relationships with instructors
Practical classes driving instruction
refresh your driving skills
Enterprise learning and training special services
Affiliate program (Automakers and dealers, carsharing, taxi services, insurance companies...)

Education platform

Svetofor Group

since 2014 until today the company focuses on increasing online sales distance learning programs like B2C consumers and B2B users of the platform.

Dynamics of profit of the company


the Number of students and the proportion of distance students


Card penetration platform for learning

the Company has created a platform for providing convenient and high-quality educational services for theoretical and practical training of drivers of all categories, recovery
driving skills and retraining

St. Petersburg:
– 20 classrooms in a private network
– 11 classes online school
Leningrad oblast:
– 8 classrooms in a private network
– 2 classes online school
– 3 classes online school
– 2 classes online school
N. Novgorod:
– 4 training class in your own network
– 2 classrooms in a private network
– 3 classrooms in your own network

Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region


Map of the Federal presence to the network






Nizhny Novgorod