The Group of companies "Svetofor" today is:

6 legal entities with the status of the operating companies for training of drivers of vehicles of all categories combined in a Federal network of educational centers under the registered brand "Svetofor", for example,, that are deyatelnosti in different regions of Russia, namely St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Moscow, Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Kursk, Tver, Obninsk, under the management of the parent structure JSC "Svetofor Group." All operating companies of the Group have licenses for implementation of educational activities and the necessary conclusion of the traffic police.

inside SKOLKOVOParent structure of the group of companies has the status of resident of SKOLKOVO Foundation. The special status of the company gives it a preference in the payment of taxes, namely the tax rate on profit, VAT, property tax is 0% for 10 years. Together Svetofor Group teaches more than 9,000 drivers a year. The company has in the assets of a powerful material and technical base, including tangible and intangible assets and is movable (cars, trucks, trailers, buses, motorcycles, etc.) and immovable property including premises for classrooms and the land under the tracks, registered trademarks, licensed to conduct educational activities, the conclusion of the traffic police, patents, intellectual property and other assets. The company is actively developing the most modern technologies in the field of distance training of drivers according to their individual psycho-physiological peculiarities, which have no analogues in the world.

Now the main directions of development of the company are:

1. Classic development based on its own network, namely: scaling educational centers on the territory of St. Petersburg, LENINGRAD, Moscow and the Moscow region;

2. Implementation of the system for remote training of drivers on the basis of partnership programs in the training centres in the RF subjects. Remote system for drivers is a technologically completely new model of education based on the individualization of education, taking into account psycho-physiological features. This type of learning system? For example, during lectures live via the Internet, the teacher offers students interactive exercises that are in the process of solving them, the system monitored a variety of parameters, namely, speed of decision tasks, frequency of references to the tips that the variation in choice responses and so on. Analyzing these data using the technology of neural networks in real time, the system selects for the student the most optimal for learning trajectory. This approach to learning allows to identify and to correct certain behavioral characteristics of students that subsequently lead to the reduction of the probability that a student in an accident. Analogues of such a system yet in the world. Mass adoption of such a method could lead to a significant reduction in the number of accidents in the Russian Federation. In addition, this approach is much cheaper than a classic classroom and have really demanded by our partners in several constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

photo class with computers

Now the company "Svetofor Group" is a high-tech IT company that provides high quality and technologically advanced service to teaching profession driver (of any vehicle) on a technologically new level, taking into account individual psychophysiological characteristics, as noted above. The company has significant operating Foundation that allows it to function effectively. The company is profitable. The profitability of "Svetofor Group" on EBITDA is 37%. The company has a proven and proven effective business model with an emphasis on distance learning technologies based on the analysis of individual behavioral characteristics of the users on the basis of artificial intelligence, which the company plans to scale maximum, after the IPO in 2018.

Now in GK Svetofor company employs about 180 people. Revenue of JSC "Svetofor Group" by the end of 2017 will amount to 300 million rubles Net profit of 105 million RUB, the Company is reporting under international financial reporting standards (IFRS). The company annually conducts an independent audit according to IFRS. "Svetofor Group" has certificate of conformity with standards ISO (of Russia is more common the mention of GOST R) is a document confirming that the company's management system(management) has successfully passed the audit by an independent body of voluntary certification system on conformity to requirements of international standards.

In 2018. the company plans for IPO on IIM MICEX with the goal of raising 500 mln. Today you have the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company by buying shares. As the company is a resident of the SKOLKOVO Fund and will place shares on the innovative site exchange MICEX, the investors of the company will receive significant benefits, namely: under the condition of owning shares more than 1 year., no tax (0% rate) dividends and income from transactions of sale and purchase of such shares. Glad to see you among our investors.